Gunman LyricsOne of my latest creative projects is an 80 minute CD mix I call Gunman Lyrics. And since you’ve been waiting patiently for so long, I’m going to give it to you without interruption. Just like a violent movie, a prime time TV drama, or a gangsta rap song, this comes with a parental advisory warning. Please keep this particular show away from small children. This is for adults only. 80 minutes, 44 songs.

Terry Ganzie – Welcome the Outlaw
Bounty Killer – Copper Shot
Buju Banton – Murderer
Pinchers – Bloodstain
Mega Banton – Gun Down
Buju Banton – Boom Bye Bye
Shabba Ranks – Shine & Criss
Cobra – Find & Kill
Merciless – Lend Out Mi Mercy
Terror Fabulous – Gun Jezebel
Cobra – Gundelero
Pinchers – Bandelero
Cocoa Tea & Buccaneer – Too Much Gun Lyrics
Bounty Killer – Statement
Bounty Killer – Spy Fi Die
Terror Fabulous – Old Dog
Bounty Killer – Lodge
Cutty Ranks – Gunman Lyrics
Captain Barkey – Gun
Shabba Ranks – Gun Pon Me
Pinchers – Bigger Gun
Cutty Ranks – The Bomber
Ninja Man – My Weapon
Pinchers – No Care Less
Bounty Killer – Action Speak Louder Than Words
Cobra – Price of Gun
Commander Shad – Trailer Load a Gun
Junior Cat – Trailer Load a Gun
Pinchers – Send Another One Come
Tappa Zukie – My Gun
Michael Rose – Every Day a Gun
Doctor Alimentado – Gimme My Gun
Michael Prophet – Gunman
Bounty Killer – Not Another Word
Original African – Size Gun
Pan Head – No Apology
Beenie Man – Mobster
Cutty Ranks – Hand Grenade
General Degree – Gun Butt
Bounty Killer – Dead This Time
Bounty Killer – New Gun
Bounty Killer – Miss Ivy Last Son
Tiger – Gun Talk
Cobra – Yush