Half PintOne of the great things about doing this show is that I get to speak to some of my musical heroes. Half Pint is one of those artists that I discovered while doing my radio show at Emerson College in Boston. Starting one night, young ladies would call and request his new song at the time, “Substitute Lover.” That song turned out to be one of my all-time favorites, along with “Level the Vibes,” with which I’d open my show week after week. With last night’s performance in Los Angeles, Half Pint began his U.S. tour. Visit his web site for the latest tour updates. I spoke to him over the phone from his hotel room. I think you’re going to love what he says about his musical mission to uplift people. Plus you’ll hear some great stories about the musical climate in Jamaica during the ’60s, big labels like Studio One and Treasure Isle, the rhythm duo of Sly & Robbie, and much more. Due to a recent tweak of the Golden Touch studio, the sound quality has improved so you will hear the artist clearly. In other news, Reggae Rhythm Update has new Facebook and Twitter pages.

Half Pint – Level the Vibes
Half Pint – Days I Can’t Forget
Half Pint – Sally
Half Pint – Sally Dub
Half Pint – Winsome
Half Pint – Greetings
Half Pint – Substitute Lover
Half Pint – Hold On
Half Pint & Jack Maness – Unity
Half Pint – Blessing Darling
Half Pint – Just Be Good
Half Pint – Children of His Majesty